Orla, Scooby & Kane

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30th March 2016

Series 6


It has long been established by The Supervet series that the animals we share our lives with are so much more than just pets. They are our companions, friends and family and they can change our lives for the better. This week on The Supervet we explore that further as Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and his team meet three dogs who all hold a special place within their families and all need unique solutions to their problems!


Fitzpatrick Referrals is used to dealing with emergencies, but when Natalie arrives in an Animal Ambulance with a young Cockapoo called Orla, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick fears the worst.  Orla ran off in the park during a walk, and was hit by a lawn mower leaving her leg badly damaged.  Traumatised Natalie tells Noel she collected up what she could of the pieces of Orla’s leg that were mangled in the mower, and has brought them with her. Noel’s challenge is to save as much of the leg as possible to give Orla the chance of a new prosthetic foot, and a future running around with all four limbs.  The risks are high, but Orla’s family are prepared to do whatever it takes…

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Rescue German Shepherd/Collie cross Kane is brought in to see Noel by owners Cherie and Jason. Kane is a big part of the family in more ways than one; he’s even muscled his way into the marital bed with Cherie, whilst hubby Jason is relegated to the spare room!  But Kane is struggling with a bulging disk in his spine, as well as hip dysplasia and, although a big breed dog, is only managing to walk a short distance every day. Cherie and Jason are desperate to get him back to full fitness and give him a better quality of life…

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Samantha has a special bond with seven-year-old Labrador Scooby.  Sam suffers from a rare brain condition and has been in and out of hospital much of her life, and Scooby has been her comforter and best friend.  But Scooby has been struggling with pain in his elbows, and now that Sam has exhausted all non-surgical options she has brought him in to see Noel.  Sam will do anything to prevent Scooby from having to undergo surgery, but it may be the only option left to relieve his pain.  Noel needs to investigate each elbow to determine the extent of the problem – and to see if he can avoid major surgery on both legs…

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