Bruno, Gandalph & Rosie

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9th December 2015

Series 4


It has long been established by The Supervet series that the animals we share our lives with are so much more than just pets. They are our companions, friends and family and they can change our lives for the better. This week on The Supervet we explore that further as Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and his team have to deal with two emergency cases.


Bruno is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who works as a therapy dog, and is brought in by Belinda when he suffers complete paralysis in his back legs. ..

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Gandalf is a beautiful Devon Rex cat, owned by 8 year old Eleanor. Gandalf has been struck by a car and resident vet Padraig Egan and his team must rush to save Gandalf’s life, but when X-ray pictures reveal a severely broken pelvis and a ruptured bladder, young Eleanor is left with a tough decision….

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A young Cavalier King Charles Spaniel lives with Michelle and Adam, who both have physical and mental learning difficulties.  Rosie has had seven previous operations to try to fix her knee joint, and so Michelle and Adam hope Professor Noel Fitzpatrick will be able finally to resolve the problem…

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