Teddy, Ollie & Chica

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15th June 2017

Series 9


Three new canine patients come to Fitzpatrick Referrals and Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, Rescue dog Teddy who has severe limb deformity, Golden Retriever Ollie who has a tumour in his foot and Bulldog Puppy Chica who has fractured her leg. 


Teddy the Shih-Tzu cross is brought in to see Professor Noel Fitzpatrick with severely deformed front legs. He lives with 24-year-old Ellen, who has severe learning difficulties. She wants to give him the chance to live a life without pain, but it proves a challenge to come up with a surgical solution to solve the problem.

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Ollie, a five-year-old Golden Retriever is referred to Fitzpatrick’s for an operation to remove a tumor in his leg. Noel suggests giving him a cutting-edge prosthetic, but the fear his cancer will return gives his family a tough decision to make…

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It’s puppy love overload when a young couple brings in Chica, their four-month-old bulldog puppy. Soon after bringing her home for the first time excitable Chica wriggled from their arms resulting in a fractured elbow. Now Andrea and Sean hope Noel and the team can heal her, but the broken bone is near her growth plates which means the repair is not as straightforward as they hoped.

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