Clifford, Marley & Nala

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22nd June 2017

Series 9


The latest episode introduces us to three new canine patients in need of Professor Noel Fitzpatrick’s help: Rescue dog Clifford from Romania who has spinal pain, Golden Labrador Marley who has a rare and complex problem affecting his shoulder and Pug Puppy Chica who has fractured the toes in her paw


Andreea travels over a thousand miles from Romania with her rescue dog, Clifford, with the hope that Professor Noel Fitzpatrick can cure the chronic pain caused by a suspected compression of the nerves in his lower back.  Clifford’s back pain causes him to be very irritable, and his small size makes the surgery he needs very challenging.

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Golden Labrador Marley is brought to the practice with a rare and complex problem affecting his shoulder. Noel offers the family a unique ground-breaking treatment; a total shoulder replacement, but  Noel has never performed this procedure on a shoulder so badly damaged and warns the family of the risks.  They know it’s their last chance of giving their friend a pain free life.

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Pug Puppy Nala is brought in by a distraught Shannon.  Nala ran into a plant pot and damaged her foot so badly she faces losing part of her foot completely.  The challenge for the team at Fitzpatrick’s, including the specialists at Noel’s soft tissue and cancer hospital, is to save as much of her foot as possible to enable her to live a normal life… Even Noel is surprised at the healing power of the pup as treatment gets underway.

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