Summer Special – Supervet in the Field – Episode 2

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19th August 2015



Professor Noel Fitzpatrick is a world leader when it comes to cutting-edge veterinary surgery. From his Referral Clinic in Surrey, he’s redefined veterinary practice with pioneering prosthetic limb replacements.

But twice a year he leaves the surgery – to stage a festival celebrating everything canine, for like-minded dog lovers.

This week over 6,500 families and their dogs join him in Cheshire, for a massive celebration of the shared love they have for their dogs.

Amongst the doggy festivities Noel also meets up with some of the most challenging cases of his career, as they gather to take part in an extraordinary agility display by dogs with prosthetic limb replacements.

We follow two new Supervet patients from diagnosis, through surgery and recovery and find out whether they can make an appearance at the festival.

Each festival ends with a massive dog walk where Noel leads thousands of families in a display of unity and shared love for their pets.


Jake is a street dog form Greece who was brought back to the UK after his leg was badly damaged in a traffic accident. But his leg is in a very bad way forcing Noel to attempt one of the most challenging limb replacements of his career…

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Dupe, a South African Mastiff puppy, who is facing a life threatening spinal condition requiring surgery to save him from paralysis…

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Bionic Dogs

Noel is reunited with some of the dogs he has treated over the years with prosthetic limb replacements who demonstrate their ability and zest for life in an agility display!

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