Bodie, Buggy & Ice

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2nd December 2015

Series 4


This week the tables are turned for Fitzpatrick Nurse Steph when her cat Icicle is rushed into Fitzpatricks after being poisoned, Polish Sheepdog Bodie has a failed fracture repair and Professor Noel has only one shot at saving the leg, and cat Buggy need corrective surgery for his back legs.


Icicle is rushed to Fitzpatrick’s after being poisoned, with Icicle’s blood registering life-threatening toxicity, Senior Neurologist Dr. Colin Driver comes up with an unconventional solution that he has only read about in textbooks to reverse the effects of the poison. The team can only hope and pray it works to save Icicle’s life…

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Bodie, a rare Polish Sheepdog, has a failed fracture repair after breaking his leg on holiday, leaving him with fragments of screws and broken bone amongst his nerves and blood supply.  Owners Mandy and Andy are faced with the option of having the leg removed or going for an innovative total elbow replacement.  But Bodie’s leg is so badly damaged the risks are dangerously high and Professor Noel Fitzpatrick only has one chance to save the leg…

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Self confessed ‘crazy cat lady’ Claire has opened her doors to the stray cats of Belfast and turned her home into a shelter for unwanted cats. But her latest adoptee, a ginger tom called Buggy, demands more than love and affection. His back legs urgently need operating on and Claire will do whatever it takes to get him fixed – even if it involves a 2000 mile round trip to take him to Surrey!

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