Poppy, Berlioz & Dylan

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29th June 2017

Series 9


The final episode of Series 9 shares the story of three more patients of Fitzpatrick Referrals. Three-month-old rescue spaniel puppy Poppy whose front legs are so severely deformed she has never been able to stand up, one-year-old rescue cat Berlioz who has had severe fractures to his jaw, and rescue Lurcher Dylan who is unable to walk due to an incredibly painful ankle joint.


This week Professor Noel Fitzpatrick is faced with a huge challenge when Jo brings in her three-month-old rescue spaniel puppy Poppy whose front legs are so severely deformed she has never been able to stand up, let alone walk properly.  Poppy was found abandoned in a garden, probably due to her abnormal legs. Jo herself has trouble walking following an accident at work left her in chronic pain; but keeps herself busy with her two dogs – as well as caring for her dad, Chuck who has Dementia.  Noel is desperate to give Poppy a chance to walk and live a normal life, but he knows the only option is radical surgery.

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One-year-old cat Berlioz is rushed in as an emergency after an all too common car accident.  It was the first time Owen and his wife Alison had allowed Berlioz out of the house. He has broken his jaw as well as the soft and hard palates in his mouth.  In addition to this, his left eye, which bore the brunt of the impact is seriously swollen.  Noel has to perform delicate surgery to wire Berlioz’s mouth in place again – but the worry is that the vision in his damaged eye may never return…

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Originally from Barcelona, Miguel has worked at Fitzpatrick Referrals for the last five years.  Today he’s seeing a four-year old rescue Lurcher Dylan, whose been brought in by Jackie & Richard. Dylan’s not been able to bear weight on one of his feet and it has been painful for some time, and now the ankle joint has collapsed entirely.  Miguel suggests fusing it is the best option for him. Jackie has a very strong bond with Dylan and is distraught at the idea of leaving him at Fitzpatrick’s, but knows this is his best chance at living a good quality life.

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