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Koa, Kwanda & Cleo

Series 13 / Episode 1

6th March 2019

The nation’s favourite vet, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, returns for another series – facing more life-changing surgeries that will give animals a second chance at life. 

This episode is being broadcast Wednesday 6th March 2019 on Channel 4 at 8pm in the UK

Fletcher, Molly & Hedgehog

Series 13 / Episode 2

13th March 2019

In this week’s episode of The Supervet, a lovable and adored ten-year-old Labradoodle called Fletcher pays a visit to Professor Noel Fitzpatrick all the way from Scotland – in need of revision surgery to fix a bad ankle fracture. A Carpathian Shepherd with a severely dislocated hip is brought to the attention of Noel – who suspects it is the result of trauma experienced in her sad start to life. She has three options available to her – surgery, amputation or euthanasia. The nearby charity Wildlife Aid also seeks the advice of Noel and the team when a hedgehog is rescued with two broken hind legs. Only time will tell if the hedgehog will be allowed back into the wild. 

Britney, Skyla & Bella

Series 13 / Episode 3

20th March 2019

Another week of heart-warming stories of families in need of specialist care from Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and the team at Fitzpatrick Referrals. This week’s episode see’s a prima donna pug called Britney with a genetic bone malformation, an Australian Shepherd dog with nerve compression her lower back and a Jack Russell puppy with a crushed pelvis all seek treatment from Noel and the team. Only time will tell if they will be given a much deserved second chance at life.

Ren, Dave & Tallulah

Series 13 / Episode 4

27th March 2019

In the fourth episode of the series, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick is faced with a trio of dilemmas when a tiny crossbreed Terrier suffering from a serious injury to her leg after an attack, a young French Bulldog with a spinal deformity and a Newfoundland therapy dog with a suspected tumour all turn to Fitzpatrick Referrals in need of life changing treatment.

Bertie, Jade & Sophie

Series 13 / Episode 5

3rd April 2019

Sue and Graeme arrive at Fitzpatrick’s with bouncy Bertie, their seven-month-old fox red Labrador puppy, who despite his youth is suffering from lameness, caused by a joint defect called Osteochondritis Dissecans. Graham, an orthopaedic foot and ankle surgeon himself is all too familiar with implants for humans affected by the same condition and discusses with Noel whether this is an option for Bertie, where a custom-made 3D printed super-smooth ridge is used to fill the defect in the talus, which is the main articulating bone in Bertie’s ankle joint.  Graham and Sue have a tough decision.  “You’re here in time, but only just” says Noel. He explains that they can give medicine and see how things go, but that in the end they may end up with a complete ankle replacement or a joint fusion on both sides.

Simba, Cato & Tynee

Series 12 / Episode 2

19th September 2018

This week, the nation’s favourite vet, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, is faced with an emergency case that brings a particular challenge

This episode is being broadcast Wednesday 19th September 2018 on Channel 4 at 8pm in the UK

Poppy, Simba & Tulee

Series 12 / Episode 5

10th October 2018

This week a little Cavachon called Poppy is rushed to see Professor Noel Fitzpatrick as an emergency, Noel is shocked by the severity of a young Labrador called Simba’s badly formed hips and Nina brings in her nervous nine-year-old Basset Hound Tulee who has a spinal problem caused by diseased discs in her back…

Iver, Luca & Bow

Series 12 / Episode 6

17th October 2018

On this week’s episode of The Supervet, an urgent case is directed to Professor Noel Fitzpatrick when an 8 year old Newfoundland called Iver is rushed to Fitzpatrick Referrals after collapsing in the back garden, Dr Gerard McLauchlan is met with a bit of a messy problem when a young Labrador puppy called Bow is admitted with an ectopic ureter, and Noel treats an active springer spaniel called Luca for developmental elbow disease.

Tom, Otis & Bailey

Series 12 / Episode 7

24th October 2018

In the final episode of series 12, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick treats a Labrador with a serious injury to his paw, an ageing Cocker Spaniel in need of a total hip replacement and a lovable French Bulldog who is struggling to walk after an accident in the park.

Teddy, Harvey & Juke

Series 11 / Episode 1

28th February 2018

Series 11 of The Supervet kicks off this week with the dramatic story of tiny Teddy who is rushed to Fitzpatrick Referrals as an emergency after being attacked by another dog in the park. Gaie brings in her four-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog, Harvey to see Noel, hoping that he can treat a rare cyst in his elbow and an excitable 6-year-old black Labrador Juke has been referred to Noel with severe pain in his right leg.

Buster, Doug & Rusty

Series 11 / Episode 2

7th March 2018

In The Supervet this week Rachel brings in her beloved Bulldog to see Professor Noel Fitzpatrick with what she thinks are bad hip problems, but when Noel examines an overweight Buster he discovers that his dislocating kneecaps and cruciate ligament issues are worse than his hip dysplasia, and recommends total replacement of the joint for both knees. Doug the Pug lives an idyllic life but Aimee is worried that his walking has deteriorated over the past six months and he is now doubly incontinent and Sandra and Paul rescued the one-year-old dog Rusty from Romania, but he has bad hip dysplasia and slipping kneecaps in both hind legs.

Betsy, Beau & Rosie

Series 11 / Episode 3

13th March 2018

This week on The Supervet Carol brings in her five-year-old tortoiseshell cat Betsy who has been diagnosed with a cancerous tumour on her back leg, Toni and Leanne bring their Tibetan Terrier Beau to see Noel about her hip dysplasia after noticing a deterioration in her walking and Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rosie is admitted as an emergency after her back legs suddenly collapse in the park. 

Raz, Oscar & Korky

Series 11 / Episode 4

21st March 2018

On this week’s Supervet, Eils and her husband Matt arrive at Fitzpatrick Referrals with their fox red Labrador puppy, Oscar, Lynne and David make the three hundred mile trip from County Durham for an urgent appointment with Noel with their seven-year-old Russian Black Terrier and an emergency arrives at Fitzpatrick Referrals, one-year-old cat Korky who has been in a car accident.

Barney, Tank & Mouse

Series 10 / Episode 2

28th September 2017

Mischievous and pampered young Basset Hound Barney is ‘top dog’ in Pat, and daughters Lyn and Michelle’s home, especially since Pat’s husband died last year, but lately, Barney’s been suffering from weakness in his back legs. The girls bring him to Fitzpatrick’s where neurologist Claire Rusbridge identifies an issue with Barney’s neck. Giant Mastiff Tank is brought in to see Noel by Rob and Janet. He’s struggling to walk on both front legs, and missing out playing with the family’s other dogs at home, and Mouse the Miniature Pincher comes to see surgical resident Padraig in this episode’s tale of ‘little and large’.

Betty Boop, Maya & Kanzi

Series 10 / Episode 4

12th October 2017

In this week’s episode Steve brings in two-year-old Mastif Maya to discuss her options for treatment with Noel, Anna brings in Betty Boop a tiny pug that lives with her sixteen brothers and sisters, a pack of rescued Chihuahuas, and Kanzi who has intermittent lameness.

Mason, Bongo & Lucky

Series 10 / Episode 5

19th October 2017

This week, Gary and Warin bring in their six-year old Shih Tzu, called Lucky. She’s been referred to Fitzpatrick’s with severe arthritis in her hip but could be something far more sinister. Bongo is Sara and Russell’s much-loved family Labrador who acts like another brother to their sons, Milo and Marley. But despite only being two years old, Bongo has been affected by osteoarthritis on all four legs, and German Shepherd puppy Mason has a genetic disease called Osteochondritis Dissecans, wherein some joints the cartilage doesn’t develop normally.

Arlo, Drummer & Sooty

Series 10 / Episode 6

26th October 2017

This week sees one of Professor Noel Fitzpatrick’s senior neurologists treat a Chihuahua with a rare brain condition, and Noel helps a family in need of a solution of their elderly labrador Drummer who is a support for their family.

Baloo, Lola & Piper

Series 10 / Episode 7

2nd November 2017

Labradors are the most popular breed in the country, and Fitzpatrick Referrals sees up to 30 every week. In this episode, two are referred to Noel in search of a solution and Baloo a very large Great Dane, makes a big entrance to the practice when he comes in for major spinal surgery.

Milo, Mauser & Storm

Series 10 / Episode 8

8th November 2017

At the end of a busy day, Milo, a beautiful two-year-old Bengal cat, is rushed to Fitzpatrick Referrals by Sarada and Philip after being hit by a car. Jen brings in Storm, a large 2-year old German Shepherd, for a total elbow replacement and South African Monica and Bennet turn to Noel for help to treat their Rottweiler puppy Mauser who has a genetic condition.

Hector, Mitzi & Zola

Series 9 / Episode 1

20th April 2017

Spring ushers in a powerful new season of The Supervet, the hugely popular series in which the brilliant and empathetic ‘bionic vet’, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and his team provide cutting-edge care and compassionate support for both animals and their human families

Marley, Tilly & Monti

Series 9 / Episode 2

27th April 2017

In this week’s episode of The Supervet, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick treats a four-year-old Canicross Champion with severe elbow dysplasia, a Rhodesian Ridgeback who undergoes a high-risk spinal operation and a 4-month old Cockapoo with a fractured leg.

Bella, Hedgehogs & Gizmo

Series 9 / Episode 3

4th May 2017

Professor Noel Fitzpatrick is faced with one of his most challenging cases yet when Boxer Bella arrives at Fitzpatrick Referrals with extensive injuries from an accident a year earlier. He is also faced with an unusual case when 4 hedgehogs are referred by a wildlife charity – each with a broken left leg. A young kitten called Gizmo also has a broken leg and is in need of urgent treatment.

Rex, Amie & Piggy

Series 7 / Episode 2

16th November 2016

Channel 4 returns to veterinary hospital Fitzpatrick Referrals, for another extraordinary four-part series of the highly acclaimed Supervet, following renowned…

Wobble, Tia & Alfie

Series 7 / Episode 4

30th November 2016

Channel 4 returns to veterinary hospital Fitzpatrick Referrals, for another extraordinary four-part series of the highly acclaimed Supervet, following renowned…

Spud, Maya & Maxi

Series 4 / Episode 1

25th November 2015

Channel 4 returns to veterinary hospital Fitzpatrick Referrals, for another extraordinary series of the highly acclaimed Supervet, following renowned surgeon…

Wall-e, Ivor & Botus

Specials / Christmas 2017

21st December 2017

In this Supervet Christmas Special Professor Noel Fitzpatrick is asked to help a very unusual visitor to the practice, a beautiful three-legged Maine Coon cat Ivor and Husky Botus who originally was from Thailand, where he was badly treated.